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People are asking me all the time about what health tips I would recommend for their sweet dogs to live a long and healthy life. And, it’s completely understandable. It’s amazing how much time we spend focusing on our own lifestyles and focus on our families. But, what about our pets ? Aren’t they family too? You better believe it! So, I have compiled 5 healthy tips that you can consider immediately to keep Fido or Fluffy in tip top shape!

The Dog Solution

First, feed your puppy or dog a high quality diet. I know it’s simpler to buy the bag of dog food that you have used in your family going back generations, but that simply isn’t always ideal. Did you know that giving your pet a high quality meal (based on their nutritional needs) can have numerous benefits? For example, they will benefit from a shinier coat, eyes that are bright and even better skin!

Additionally, their immune system will be bolstered, preventing sickness and that nasty vomit that nobody wants to clean up! It can even help them to show better mental acuity (smarts). And, who doesn’t want their dog to be smarter? Good nutrition also helps pets to have healthier and stronger muscles, joints and improve intestinal digestion.

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Next, do not let your animal get fat! I know some people think that a fat puppy is adorable, but it simply isn’t in their best interest! I was amazed to learn recently that obesity is the number one health issue for dogs! Number One! That is unfortunately all of our fault. You rarely see animals in the dog species getting fat. It is due to their owners over feeding them and the dogs developing bad habits over a long period of time. So, stop the madness and take care of your dogs. Google what your breed and age should eat and then take away the bowl. Do not leave it out or they will feel like they should grab a quick bite every time they are in the neighborhood.

The next thing to watch out for when it pertains to healthy dogs is to get them regular check ups. A quick visit to the vet will help them to remain healthy and it has been proven over and over that a little prevention will save a lot of time and greif, not to mention money. Your dog may act ike they don’t like the vet, but it is for their own good. So, don’t let them dictate how often you take them and don’t wait for an emergency!

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A Clean Mouth is a healthy pet! Did you know that mouth and dental issues are not only stinky and ugly? They can lead to kidney and heart disease if you leave them untreated. Make it a common practice to check your dog’s mouth. Brush their teeth with a doggie toothbrush and give them dental treats to keep things looking good in there. You will be glad you did because the extra benefit is that their breath will smell better too. That’s nice when Sparky greets you with those continuous face licks when you come home from work!

5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy
Finally, and this is an important tip, never let your dog roam off of their leash. Not only does this make your enighbors extremely upset, but oit is downright dangerous. If your dog is wandering around without supervision, they could eat something that could make them sick or even worse. Imagine how you would feel if your dog got into an accident all because you didn’t care to supervise them. I would never forgive myself!
So there you have my top 5 tips to help your dog live a long, happy and healthy life. Do you have any additional tips? Please leave them in the comments below.


  1. Thanks for your tip to feed your dog a high-quality meal so that they can have a healthier coat, eyes, and skin. My son just adopted a German shepherd mix named Max last week and is looking for veterinary services in Elk Plain, WA. I’ll let him know about these tips and help him find one so that Max is taken care of.


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