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It’s an age old argument. Are you a dog person or a cat person? The intent of this article is to help you identify, first, which one you are. Secondly, once you ave identified where your alignments lie, what does that actually say about you?

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So, relax, read the article and then you will have an opportunity to weigh in for yourself. This is definitely not a scientific article based on endless studies. Instead it is based on my experience. So, place tor tongue firmly in your cheek and enjoy.

First, what exactly are cat people like? Well, in order to understand those characteristics, let’s take some time to do some analysis on the common house pet, the cat. In my opinion (please don’t throw tomatoes if you disagree), cats are nothing like dogs. Cats are not your pets. I firmly believe that if you were able to get into a cat’s brain, you would quickly find that they are confident that THEY own YOU! Not sure if you agree? Try calling your cat to come to you or forget to feed him for one meal. You will quickly be feeling the pain of resentment and know it feels like to be ignored.

So, if we understand cats in this way, it must make sense that their human owners are the same. A cat person, then, based on this analysis are independent, confident and don’t rely heavily on others for their happiness.

With that simple assessment being conducted, let’s take a look at dog owners and what makes them tick. First, just like before though, let’s look at the characteristics of dogs. We can then ascertain what their owners are like and why they are drawn to own dogs. From my personal experience, dogs are loyal and loving, to a fault. Don’t believe me? See what happens when you walk through the front door after being gone for a few days. For that matter, notice what happens when you are gone for a few minutes.

My dog doesn’t differentiate between 10 minutes and 10 days. When I walk through that door, it is time to show love! What does that look like exactly? It’s precisely what you would expect. I am greeted with a jumping bean of a dog and a tongue that is simply not satisfied until she licks my face.

After accosting me in her loving way, my puppy then insists on playing some tug-o-war. If I try to ignore her or not engage, that just doesn’t work. She will keep up the jumping, panting and barking until I give her some good, quality time. Additionally, she has a knack for knowing when I need a friend or someone to simply sit with me. She is loyal, loving and wants to be with me. By extrapolation, then, we can surmise that dog people are loving, friendly, need other people and loyal.

Again, I recognize that this is one man’s opinion, based on my personal experience, but I must say, that over all, I have found this to be true for people that are either dog or cat owners.

So, do you agree? When you find out that someone is a dog or cat person, do you immediately judge them to either be strong and independent or loyal and friendly? Give it a try in a social setting and see how my definitions stack up. At a party, ask someone if they are a cat or dog person and then pay attention to how they act. You may be surprised at how simple this is.

Now, what in the world do we do when someone loves all animals? I would love your thoughts on that one. Please feel free to leave any comments based on your experience and what you think.


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