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Most families usually shun the idea of having a pet dog and cat in one household. Obviously, most cats and dogs don’t get along, and they fight each other upon sight. However, some families have been able to adopt both lovely pets at the same time successfully, and it is beautiful.

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Most of the time, they do play along well, but when lines are crossed, the fangs and the claws come out. Take for instance this short video of a cat and a dog. Cats are total opposites of dogs as pets – they tend to lounge more, do fewer activities and pretty much like to chill around the house.

cat, relaxation, rest

On the other hand, dogs are usually loud and like to run around the house chasing whatever catches their fancy. Given the difference in their personalities, perhaps the cat is, indeed, the more sophisticated pet than the dog.

dog, action, sweet

In this viral video, it seems to be the case. The dog was sleeping peacefully beside the cat, and everything seemed to be fine and peaceful. Seconds later, our snoring pup was unable to control the gases in his tummy and unconsciously lets one out.

According to experts, gas build up in your pup’s tummy is usually accumulated when there is a change in their diet. There may be ingredients in their new food that their body is having difficulty digesting. For dogs with shorter or flatter faces, they take in a lot of air when they drink and eat.

The video later shows the disgusted cat giving the sleeping pup an irritated look. Then suddenly, he gives the dog his two cents, or perhaps his two jabs. This woke up our flatulent friend. Confused, he looks around and then goes back to sleep as if nothing happened.

Their video reached 8 million views on Youtube in 24 hours and is expected to gain more. Good thing their human parent was there to record everything. It’s all for good laughs as we’re sure they love each other like siblings.

See the hilarious video below:

Video credit: The Paw via Youtube

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