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Many people love Halloween. For many of us, it’s the greatest holiday ever! What’s not to like?

Parties up and down the street…kids dressed in adorable outfits, fun, spooky music and special effects on neighborhood houses…and of course, the most important part…candy! Candy, candy and more candy! But I digress.

The Dog Solution

One of my absolute favorite parts of the holiday is dressing up my sweet puppy in a costume.

And, she is actually cool with it. But, it wasn’t always like that! To look at her now, you would be amazed at how calm she is with her outfit. But, the sheer craziness we went through the first time is just plain crazy to remember.

Before I give you some tips on how to get your dog into a Halloween costume, you need to first understand what an ordeal it was the first time we tried it.

Poor Jlo was about as miserable as she has ever been. Let me walk you through my experience.

JLo was two years old and we found the cutest ballerina outfit for dogs at Target. If I can find the photo, I will include it later in the article. And, you will be able to see the misery in her face.

We thought it would be pretty easy, she is typically pretty reasonable and adapts fairly well to change. However, when we tried to slip the little tutu around her, she went completely berserk!

She ran around the house at full steam and tried to tear it off, like she was attempting to dry herself. She ran from the front room, to the family room and even bolted into the backyard.

Then she managed to pull it over her head and left it in a pile in the backyard. Then, she ignored us completely for the remainder of the night. We decided then and there that we needed help if we ever wanted to do this again.

So, I consulted the internet and here are three tips that might save you some stress and save your dog from some anxiety! And, a word to the wise, not all dogs will wear costumes. If these tips don’t work, just love them for who they are and move on with your life!

First, make sure that the costume is the right size. Could you imagine if someone kept trying to force an outfit on you that was way too tight? I would be running around the house trying to get rid of it too! So, read the label carefully and make sure it is the ideal size for your little fur baby. It’s surprising how often people get this part wrong.

Next, go slow! Introduce the fur baby to the new outfit a little at a time. Don’t just pull it over her head. Let her sit next to it and smell it. Dogs learn so much from smell and it will help her feel more comfortable. Patience is a virtue and can make a difference in this.

Third, Offer treats. It is Halloween, after all. Importantly, giving a reward for your puppy wearing the outfit for a short stint will go a long way. You are asking for her to do something different. Just like any command, reward them often and it will become something they do without an issue.

If you apply these simple ideas, I think you might just be surprised! Take it slow, offer some treats and make sure the costume actually fits for your dog’s breed and size. Check it out, good luck and don’t forget to send pictures of those adorable little trick or treaters! We would love to share them here!


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