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Are you a dog owner who grieves over the concept of getting that fur baby of yours into a bath tub? Do you know that your dog is filthy and stinky but live in fear of wrestling with him or her? Are you worried that your bathroom is going to be destroyed in the process? You are in very good company. However, I am happy to tell you that there is still hope! SO, get those shampoos and brushes out again. It’s time to get that puppy beautiful and glamorous again without being paralyzed by fear!

The Dog Solution

Let me tell you first about my initial experience bathing my dog and what I learned in the process. It will be illustrative of what I did worn. SO please be kind and don’t judge. I’m guessing you will be able to relate to many of my mistakes in this ordeal. I would hope so, anyway.

Here’s what I did. I started by filling the bathtub about halfway. I checked the water to ensure it was a pleasant temperature, so it wouldn’t cause any pain. I was disturbed to hear that some owners put the water to the same temperature they use when they shower. That is definitely too hot for man’s best friend!

Next, I grabbed the dog from the other room and placed her in the tub. That’s where the trouble began! She immediately jumped out of the tub, directly over my arms and flew out of the room. I managed to catch her again and applied a little shampoo, starting to gently rub it in. Then guess what happened next?

She bolted again! Right over me! I was then left chasing a soapy (not yet clean) dog through my house. She jumped on the couch, ran to the next room and slid onto a bed. Then it was straight up the stairs, leaving shampoo everywhere! I had to miraculously catch her and tried to hurry and wash her clean before she escaped the third time. She then proceeded to run out the doggie door and wiped herself off in the grass! What an absolute nightmare!

So, here is what I learned, and my advice to you when bathing your dog. First and foremost, close the bathroom door! With that closed, she can’t escape too far! Second, do not fill the bath tub up! Find a good temperature and use that to wash over your dog rather than immersing them partially in the water. It’s a much more pleasant experience!

Another tip is to ensure they understand and are obedient to the “sit” command before bathing. What a huge difference that makes!

Another idea is to have a partner who can help hold the dog while you apply the water, soap and rinse. That will assure your baby that they are safe and won’t slip in the tub. Dogs do not like the slippery surface of an acrylic tub. I completely understand. Having a second person to help also accomplishes something else. They can also help to catch the dog with a towel. A two person operation is so much easier!

So, try these few tips to make for a much better experience. Close the door, bring a friend, don’t fill up the tub, teach the sit command well and have a towel ready to go. Do all these things and it should help you avoid any future wrestling matches with your fur baby!


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