Genius Dog 336 x 280 - Animated

Let me preface this article with a simple fact. I am a dog lover. I confess that I always have been. It’s not that I dislike cats or other pets, but there is just something special about “Man’s best friend” that always tugs at my heart strings. They are fantastic companions and know how to get to my heart unlike anything else I have ever seen.

The Dog Solution

They somehow seem to work their way into family and are capable of giving and receiving so much love that nothing can replace them.

With that being said, we had a dog named Rocky who was everything I just described. He was amazing! The children loved him and so did we. He was definitely an important part of our family and he knew it. Whenever we were gathered together, he was always right there with us, offering comfort and joy.

Ever since we picked him out (or did he actually pick us) as a brand new puppy, he was always right at our feet or, more often than not, on a lap. I swear, I sometimes wondered if he even knew how to walk. With six children in the house, his feet rarely touched the ground.

That’s why, after living a fantastic life for 12 years, when Rocky passed away, it was beyond devastating! I couldn’t believe the hurt and pain that all of us suffered! I was astonished at just how much love we had for this fur baby and we all missed him terribly! There was a clear and persistent pain in our hearts. The most difficult part for me was watching our children, who just didn’t seem the same with him gone. So, there was a big part of me that didn’t want to ever get another dog to suffer that loss again! I told myself (and frequently the kids) that we had our family dog and he had crossed the rainbow bridge.

When they left home and started their own families, they could get a dog of their own. It was just too painful to consider going through that again!
Well, I made it almost a year with my spouse and kids consistently and persistently pestering me that it was time to get another one. Finally, I caved. I told myself, “ok, but I will never love this dog as much as Rocky” and was determined not to allow myself to open my heart to that kind of pain again. I was adamant. I was serious. But, I was wrong!

It was only a matter of minutes before I realized how wrong I was! When our new puppy entered our lives one Christmas morning, my heart opened up wide and my life is forever better because of it. When I saw those sweet puppy eyes and that adorable little fur body, I knew that I was in serious trouble! Our little “J-lo” is amazing, sweet and completely different from Rocky. She hasn’t met a person she didn’t love and is committed to licking every single face she meets! I soon realized that I was being stubborn and stupid! Our lives are full once again and a new dog is occupying that important place in our hearts.

We will never forget Rocky, but are incredibly grateful and thrilled to have this new fur baby in our lives! So, if you are thinking of being stubborn and refusing to allow love back into your heart, take the chance. YOU will be happier and, take it from me, you will never ever regret it!



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