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Congratulations! You have thought about it for years and hadn’t made the jump. Now, finally, you have crossed the threshold into your home with an adorable little fur baby under your arm! This is truly an exciting time and a cause for celebration.

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However, since it’s also your first time it can be a bit nerve wracking. Please allow me to help. I remember that feeling all too well and asked myself, “What a cute puppy I have…now what?”

You are not alone, so take a few minutes reviewing this article and you will soon be in a good place and ready to rock and roll! Here are just a few tips that will help you maintain your sanity and enjoy your new dog.

The first tip I have should actually take place before you bring that fur baby home. Get all the supplies and food that a new puppy will need. I was so excited to pick my dg at the shelter that I had not come anywhere near preparing my house for the new arrival. Have you considered things like a kennel, food, water and food dishes, a chew toy? If it is a puppy instead of a full grown dog, there are other things you will need too. What about a clock to mimic her mom’s heartbeat, towels etc.?

Now that the house is prepared for a new arrival, the next thing I suggest is to invest in a good book…a good training book that is. In today’s age, a good website will do in a pinch.

Consult some expert advice about how to train and educate your dog so that they will acclimate quickly and ease the transition of moving into your home with you. Help them learn their place and what commands must be obeyed. It will make life easier for both of you.

Third, make sure that you have secured a good veterinarian. You can ask around with family and friends for a good recommendation. Most veterinarians are pretty good but I have run across a few quacks in my time. I find Yelp to be extremely helpful in choosing a good one. I always look for a minimum of 50 reviews and at least four stars to merit consideration.

Next, consider the importance of picking just the right dog food. In our society there are a plethora of options. Do you want organic, dry, wet, store brand, generic, what your dog ate when you were a kid? I asked my veterinarian about what would be best for my new friend and they were more than happy to make a recommendation.

Store owners were pretty useless unless I was at a pet store. Some of them will have good recommendations, as well. You want to make sure the ingredients and size are perfect for your breed and age of dog. Too many people ignore this completely but it is of the utmost importance.

Get ready for issues and be patient. As perfect as everything seems when you first walk through the door, you can rest assured that your little utopia will soon become a temporary nightmare. Your dog will poop in the family room. He will mark his territory., He will chew your shoes and he will most certainly mark in the middle of the night. So, just expect it. Trust me, the good times will definitely outweigh the bad, but you will need to prepare yourself so you can work through it.

As the training takes effect and you get to know each other better, it will become easier.

Take these few tips into consideration and you too, will, soon be a delighted pet owner. Good luck with your new family member and here’s to making a lot of beautiful memories together.


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